And I helped!

I helped with the recycling!  I did not get recycled. I am glad. I do not think I would like to be recycled.

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4 Responses to And I helped!

  1. We think it is great that you helped out with the recycling! And we are very glad you didn’t get recycled yourself!

  2. Boris Kitty says:

    Dids u lern how to recycles frum da ShawneeShep? Herz doz dat when herz finds trashes on da hikes.

    Dat iz beary gud of u both to halp keep da werld bootifuls!

  3. ShawneeShep says:

    Skooze me, did I hears my names menshunned? Yay for you George that you be recycling too. The werld be a better place coz of us wot recycles.

  4. George says:

    Amy, I think recycling is good.. but not to do with myself QOL

    Boris, my Grandma taught me. She is good that way too.

    Shawnee it is great that you recycle too. Yay!

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