I went with the Typist to the cafeteria place. Man, she was hungry.  I couldn’t get any pictures until she had eaten everything. Except me.  I am not edible.  It was fun watching her pig out tho.

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3 Responses to Cafeteria

  1. Mariodacat says:

    Whew – I’m so happy she didn’t eat you. You know some oomans do eat duck! I could never do dat tho cuz I’d be thinking of you.

  2. That is good that she didn’t eat you too. But we are glad that you had a good time there – it must have been very tasty!

  3. George says:

    Mario, yes, some do. The Typist has agreed not to eat me or anyone I know, though.

    Amy, yes it was very fun. I did sneak some noms too. *grinz*

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