Lucky goodies

A while back I got  a cool package from Samantha of Black Cat Rescue!  BCR was the charity for the #catmaseve pawty, and Samatha sent me a cool lucky black cat shirt!

My black cat Pepi inspected the shirt and the nice card.

The shirt is a little big for me, though, so I think I will let the Typist wear it.  Thank you Samantha and Black Cat Rescue!

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8 Responses to Lucky goodies

  1. Rumblepurr says:

    What a nice shirt!! And good thing it’s not red, too many red shirts would be tempting fate.

  2. mariodacat says:

    Dat is a bautiful green color. So nice of you to share with the typist.

  3. George says:

    Rumbles, you are probably right there.

    Mario, she looks a lot better in it than I would. QOL

  4. Shawnee says:

    How lucky for the typist – she can now be appropriately dressed for St. Patty Day next week.

  5. Busy Buttons says:

    *snickers* I looked at the shirt and thought it had a picture of George on it. Then I realized it’s the REAL George, not just a picture. Oops! It’s a cool shirt, of course, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if it had a pic of George? 🙂

  6. George says:

    QOL Buttons! You can get shirts with me on it at my Cafepress shop

  7. That is a cool shirt you got George!!

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