What a Blast!

#Pawpawty was great as usual thanks to @FrugalDougal for organizing and @FergusTheDog for herding the DJs and @JavaTheCat creating a fab menu and @Snick_The_Dog for getting Sekurity.

@ShawneeShep created awesome unforms for the Sekurity team agian.  Pink camo I love it! Quacks!

Chickfest Pawpawty Uniform by ShawneeShep

We raised over $1000 for Forever Home Feline Ranch! Woo hoo!

My favorite quote from this #pawpawty from a cat friend to a hippo friend who was wearing pink:

“@CathyKeisha @JBHippo OMC! I’ve only had 1 drink and I’m seeing pink hippos! Eeeeek #pawpawty”

I about QOL’d my feathers half off.
Once again a super #pawpawty.  Thanks to everyone who helped out by attending, organizing, giving prizes, and donating. *high wing*
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5 Responses to What a Blast!

  1. mariodacat says:

    it was a great pawty wasn’t it. So happy goal was met too. Was getting worried for awhile, but the anipals always come thru. Good job George. I know you work hard organizing everyhting.

  2. ShawneeShep says:

    Oh my doggie! I is scrolling down my blog list thingie and there be my pikshur in my sekurity uniform. I sayed “When did mom put that up?” Wussnt mom at all, it woz George the Duck, BOL! I heared a roomor that Sanjee wants something in pink cammo, hint, hint…

  3. Cathy Keisha says:

    See that’s one of the reasons I should be nominated as funniest at the anipal academy awards. MOL

  4. Busy Buttons says:

    I had to miss most of this month’s pawty because Mom claimed she and I had other things to do. Silly humans…

  5. George says:

    Mario, it was awesome. And yes, the anipals always do come through! Yay!

    Shawnee, I bet that was a surprise. QOL I’ll have to see about getting Sanjee some pink camo.

    Cathy Keisha, yes, you should.

    Buttons, that is so not fair. She should stay home for all the pawties you want to go to!

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