Oh. My. Duck.

Friends dressed as ducks for my gotcha day

Click to see a big version!

What a great Gotcha Day!  Tons and tons of furends came to wish me happy gotcha day.  And a bunch even dressed up as — guess what — ducks! To honor me! I was so surprised. Some folks had trouble getting into their duck suits, so there’s a Face in Hole duck now.

And OMD is having a special pawty tonight to celebrate my gotcha day. They’re even opening the club early at 4pm Eastern so our European buddies can attend.

I am so honored and pleased. Thank you everyone!  Yall are great friends and you’ve made my first gotcha day very special.

*ducky hugs to everyone*

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12 Responses to Oh. My. Duck.

  1. Sydpie says:

    Yayyyyy! You are a wonderful duckie friend and we’re all so happy that Sanjee brought you home a year ago! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!! Happy Gotcha Day George!

  2. Tweetypie says:

    Happy Gotcha Day Georgie weez luv ya xxxxxx

  3. Santina Kitteh says:

    Happy gotcha day my featheriend, hoping you get many more of thoses celebrations
    ***bik kitten smooooches***
    Erika, Santina, Marblecake, Jemna

  4. Busy Buttons says:

    Happy Gotcha Day, George! Gonna miss #nipclub tonight ’cause Mom’s going to the people groomer. (That woman’s priorities are all messed up in my opinion.) Anyway, hope you have a great day!

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  6. bori says:

    Georgie, I iz so glad u had a gr8 gotcha day! I sawry ma slacker human did not feel up to gettin me in costume, but i a ducky in spirit! I gonna hab herz rush home so we can join in da #nipclub tonite in ur honor!

    Big Bad Boy Boris Hed Bonks fur U!

  7. Boris Kitty says:

    I not nose who dat Bori iz MOL….dat wot u gets fur not signin in,huh?

  8. Hi George! We are glad you had such a great gotcha day!!

  9. mariodacat says:

    Happy Gottcha Day all over again dear friend. Love dat collage. For being a “spur of the moment” decision to dress up as duckies, it turned out pretty good. Amazing in fact. YAY – now we get to celebrate again this afternoon.

  10. Zackary Rabbit says:

    Glad you had a great gotcha day, George! *BIGHUGS*
    here’s my duck suit!! http://www.twitpic.com/1z8ux8

  11. rumblepurr says:

    You’re such a great ducky my friend.

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