A Whole Year of Barktending

It has been a whole year as of today that I have been barktending for my anipals!

My first Barktending photo!

This is my very first barktender photo ever.

My magic blender

I kept falling into the blender when I added fruits and stuff because I am only 3 inches tall. (Fortunately I never fell in while it was on!) So I had to get a magic blende rthat is small enough for me to use without  pitching into it, but it makes regular size drinks. Magic!

I have enjoyed being a barktender for the past year! I’m honored that I became Head Barktender for #Pawpawty too! I hope I can keep barktending for a long, long time.

Of course, tonight I will be DJing tonight, not barktending. Life is funny! Come by and celebrate with me, though. I will be DJing from 8-9pm Eastern.

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4 Responses to A Whole Year of Barktending

  1. mariodacat says:

    WOW – a whole year. Dat’s a whole lotta drinks you have made buddy. You are a master at it too.

  2. George says:

    I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year, Mario! And thanks, I think maybe I do it well because I love doing it.

  3. Meow_Girls says:

    Happy Barktend-aversary, George. We are so happy you are our Barktending Boss…Wish all bosses like you ((((HUGS))))

  4. George says:

    Aw thank you Girls. That’s so sweet of you 🙂

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