EEK Duck Sauce! Scary!

Run! Hide! Do not let your duck friends get turned into sauce!!!!

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5 Responses to Eeeeek!

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  2. mariodacat says:

    Oh my gosh – George – you’d better be the one to run and hide before you gets turned into sauce. M says she’d be afraid to buy dat for fear it was you. Sob!

  3. George, we think you aren’t going to have to worry – think about it. Cat Food – not food made from cats, food for cats. So duck sauce – not made from ducks, made for ducks!

  4. rumblepurr says:

    I’ll protect ya buddy!! *showing claws*

  5. Busy Buttons says:

    AUGH! That’s horrible! There’s no “sun luck” about that!!!

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