The Duck Has Not Disappeared!

It seems like it though.  My Typist has just been super busy. Between the economy and now the holidays, it’s crazy. So mostly I’m just napping and playing with the kittehs. I think I should teach the kittehs to type. QOL

George and George Magnet
ook at me and my magnet that @No_Crybaby_Dogs made me!
She’ll make one custom for you too!

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4 Responses to The Duck Has Not Disappeared!

  1. Good to see you George!

    Haven’t seen you in AGES! Hope you are well!

    The economy? Tell me about it…I have been out of work cause of the economy since 2007!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. mariodacat says:

    Whew – was getting pretty worried bout you friend. Happy to see you and know you are all alivew and kicking anyway.

  3. marleyterrier says:

    *rubs eyes* ello my tiny pal. We sure are glad to see you. Come back to us soon

  4. Hi George! We have missed you! We understand about disapearing – we have done that a lot too lately because mom’s work blocked her internet (how rude) so we don’t get to visit much anymore. We are glad to see you and hope you will post when you have the chance!

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