Yes, the duck is slow. I’m finally getting around to talking about our visit to meet Flat Chey and her people.

The weather was icky, but they were only going to be in Roanoke a day, so we went anyway. Real duck weather, but the Typist wasn’t thrilled with it.

Mt Afton - AFTER Visibility IMPROVED

But we made it. Of course we did. And we met up with Flat Chey and Chey’s humans. We had lunch! I especially liked the spinach and artichoke dip. Very yummy for a duck.

It was an honor to meet Flat Chey

While we were eating lunch, we noticed a lot of people staring at cars. OOPS! It was a flood! And the Typist’s car was out there.

The Typist's car was in that flood.

Now, the Typist is horribly allergic to mold. She was afraid she would never be able to make her car tolerable for her again if the water got into the floorboards and carpet. So she waded out and took it to higher ground. Yay for Typist! She had to go to Walmart and get new cheap shoes and socks and pants to get home, though. QOL It made her laugh too.

It was a really fun adventure and I got to meet new friends. Yay! I hope we get to meet more friends soon.

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2 Responses to Visit

  1. Brian says:

    Oh that is awful about the car. At least you got to meet Flat Chey!!!

  2. mariodacat says:

    Yikes – that was a close call. But at lesat you got to mee Flat Chey.

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