Email From Naomi

This lady named Naomi sent me an email. The subject was interesting if a little strange: Heart Up Your Love Horn. I wasn’t sure what a love horn is, so I had to look. I read the email. I still do not know.

OhMyDuck!But this poor Naomi lady is worrying about me and my happiness. How thoughtful!  I am a little concerned that she is having a hard time herself, though.

First, she thinks it is still winter. It was 80F here today. Hardly winter! She must have my address mixed up with someone else or is very cold natured.

This winter sales event is the best opportunity to improve your potency you’ve ever had!

Now thanks to this exciting natural breakthrough, you could be potent. “on demand” and when you do, sustain it long enough – and keep firm enough — to fully satisfy your wife in bed. Even if you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or older!

She’s worried about my potency as well as cold weather. I must email her back and tell her that I am OK. I can put potent catnip in my pouch any time. As much as will fit. We have plenty. I am almost 2 and I do not have a wife, so I do not think I need to worry much about those parts. Do you?

As a doctor, I’ve learned something over the years that may surprise you — age has very little to do with potency and enjoyment. There are men out there having the best of their lives well into their 80th year and beyond.

What about catnip stuffed ducks? Where is the data on them?  I have never met a catnip stuffed duck that was 80 years old. I would like to meet an elder duck sometime.

Remember, shortened course of antibiotics often wipes out only the most vulnerable bacteria.

That is an excellent reminder about antibiotics. I am not sure what it has to do with potency or enjoyment, though.  Do antibiotics wipe out catnip? Uh oh. The Typist has been had them for her bad tooth. I better check the catnip stash.

*runs to check*

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4 Responses to Email From Naomi

  1. oh Ducky. my mom iz laffing so much. ize not really sure why this iz funny to her cz it sounds quite serius to me!

  2. Hi George! Long time no see (between you being gone and us being super behind of course). We get emails like that sometimes too – mom laughs at them and we just don’t understand them at all – and we keep the little kits away from them of course!

    • George says:

      You can’t be as behind as me. You’re here! QOL I thought it was a nice email. Nice of her to be concerned. I checked, though and the catnip was not messed up by the antibiotics. Phew! The Hotties would have been very upset with me!

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