George the Pawpawty Superhero QMAO

P is for Pawpawty!

It’s time for #Pawpawty!

Caturday May 21st 2pm EDT (7pm UK, 11am PDT) through Sunday May 22nd 2pm EDT (7pm U, 11am PDT) is the SUPERHEROES#Pawpawty

Grab your tights and masks and join us to have a blast and maybe pitch some couch change in the tip jar for Young at Heart Pet Rescue.

Want to have some have super fun but your tights are at the cleaners?

Our buddy Super@KingTuttiFruiti went to work to save the day. He’s collected a bunch of super hero costumes just waiting for you. All sizes available!

See you at #Pawpawty!

*flies off*



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  1. pandafur says:

    I’ll be there!

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