Bunny Hopped Off

The first avatar I saw of #BJC

@BunnyJeanCook hopped over the rainbow bridge at 6:45am today. She was one of my first friends on Twitter. I am sad she had to go to the rainbow bridge. We will miss her down here

I started getting to know her at a #pawpawty where someone was locked out of tweeting the hashtag. We hopped in and RT’d every single one of that DJ’s songs. She was always happy to help out any way she could.

Just some of Bunny’s #Pawpawty Avatars

And that’s how I got started with #pawpawty. From there the taught me how to be a good DJ and we continued to work together at #pawpawty and #nipclub DJing and barktending.

BJC introduced me to Lady Gaga’s music… and my gaga avatar. QOL

I was very lucky that I and the Typist got to meet her Mom! Bunny didn’t like to travel, so she wasn’t there personally. We got to room with her Mom at Barkworld and that was LOTS of fun.

At Barkworld - BJC's Mom is 2nd from the right

My life would be so different if it weren’t for you  BJC. I think I’m just one duck whose life you made brighter and there are lots more Thankyou BJC and Mom Vicki!  *wing salute*

You’ll always be in our hearts, BJC. <3
*waves wing and blows a kiss*


For my other friends, stop by #nipclub to raise a carrotini in honor of her. We’ll be in and out there all night. *ducky hugs*

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20 Responses to Bunny Hopped Off

  1. baxter bunny says:

    Awww Bunny Jean. I didn’t know you, but you look like the funnest bunny ever! Sorry to your Bunny Mom. I know you gave her great joy and wonderful memories. xoxo

  2. mariodacat says:

    Great tribute pal. I loved BJ in all her costumes for parties. But the Lady gaga one was the absolute favorite.

  3. Brian says:

    Bunny Jean was truly very special and my heart aches for Mom Vicki and her daughter. BJC will live in our hearts forever.

  4. Vicki Cook says:

    Thank you George for the lovely tribute. BJC will be spinning tunes from the Rainbow Bridge very soon! xoxo

  5. Cathy Keisha says:

    Seeing those avatars brought a smile to our faces. She was an inspiration to many anipals, myself included. Hugs to Vicki and BJC’s human sister Natalie. Love that picture of her Mom.

  6. This was a wonderful tribute! Bunny Jean Cook was one of the first anipals I met on Twitter. She was always warm and welcoming and for that I will always be grateful. Her Mom works tirelessly to help animals all over the world….we thank Bunny Jean and her Mom for all they have done and for all that will continue to be done in Bunny’s memory!

  7. Mr. Breeze says:

    Pawsum tribute to our dear furend @BunnyJeanCook! Her Gaga avatar was EPIC.

  8. PepiSmartDog says:

    Beautiful Tribute to our dear friend BunnyJean. So great to see all her outfits ! I’m sure Bunny will come to more Pawties; how can she resist the fashions ??? Bunny achieved so much good for so many ! We will take very good care of her OTRB…. XXXX

  9. Mariodacat says:

    Just popping back in to thank you again for the DJing of bunny’s tunes yesterday. That was the best therapy for all us pals – hearing her tunes played by pals that love her so much. Her legacy will go on through all of her DJ friends.

    • George says:

      Thanks Mario. I’m sure I can speak for all the other DJs during the day and into the night, that we were glad to do it. It helped us just as much. *ducky hugs*

  10. Hi George. We are so sorry your bunny friend had to hop off to the bridge. We are sending her family lots of comforting purrs and prayers.

  11. marleyterrier says:

    So sorryy to read about BJC my pal. I dint know her well but I did see her sumtimes at paw pawties. I spect she will be tweetin from OTRB so you dussnt miss her

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