These Guys RAWK!

BunnyJeanCook at the Superheros #Pawpawty

You’ve seen them around #pawpawty and often at other anipal pawties. They’ve served you bacon beers and laughter and shared tears with you. I’ve been privileged for almost two years to work with them as head barktender for #pawpawty. I call these #pawpawty barktenders “my” barktenders, and I’m very proud of them.

  • @bdgrlaw
  • @Bai_Catahoula
  • @BunnyJeanCook
  • @BuzzLucas
  • @DogThunder
  • @Fergusthedog
  • @FlaCatLady and @KingTuttiFruiti
  • @JustAnotherTrnd
  • @PierrethePoodle
  • @HanktheDoggy
  • @HenryTheCat2002
  • @JavaTheCat
  • @Hemmingwayscat
  • @JinJinDoggy and @PixelDoggy
  • @LadyGreyFox and @4CatTweets
  • @Katieboocat
  • @KConlon1
  • @MrKiplingWoof
  • @MadLabM & @MavTheTiger
  • @MaggieTKat & @ParkerSKat
  • @Mariodacat
  • @Meow Girls
  • @MizzBassie
  • @Mouseholecat
  • @PepiSmartDog
  • @PollyPuss11
  • @Pumpkinpuddy
  • @Spike_Cat
  • @SpoiledMinPin
  • @Sydpie & @Cheddums with @YayStella coming soon
  • @ThePetWiki
  • @Tildatoo
  • @TinyPearlCat
  • @Toby_Pup
  • @ToughTeddyBear
  • @TrailerParkDogs
  • @Tresa1215 Winston
  • And my buddies who have barktended in past years. We may see them again too! @DreamerDiary, @Jasmine_woo_woo, @kyba, @Herbie_Cat, @jazzydacat, @LadyBonessa, @OatieDog, @PrinceWhiskers6, @RogerDog, @WorldofGrissi, @yibberj2 and @ZackRabbit

These guys step up to the plate every time they’re able, to make anipal pawties more fun and help animals too. They cheerfully put up with being asked over and over again if they can work at  pawties. Many take double shifts, and @PepiSmartdog has been known to work 5 shifts in a row when we were really short at odd hours in  the US. Some work from OTRB. And many of them also help out with DJing and Quizzes and organizing other pawties.

I really mean it when I say these guys rock. They seriously do. Go hug a barktender when you run into one. They do a great job for all of us.

*huge ducky hugs to you all*

I love my barktenders.

I love my barktenders!

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23 Responses to These Guys RAWK!

  1. baxter bunny says:

    The barktenders are great. I have been to a few #nipclub gatherings and they always have my carrotinni ready. Once they made me a very special celery-garitta. Yum!

  2. Sydpie, YayStella, Cheddums says:

    *hug!* Thank you George. It is an honor to help #pawpawty events. Anipals are such a special group of friend who really love animals!

  3. JavaTheCat says:

    You Rawk! It is such a pleasure to work with you on the PawPawties! Your leadership & selfless work ethic is inspiring! We love you George… and your typist too!

  4. pandafur says:

    #pawpawty barktenders rawk!

  5. mariodacaat says:

    You are very kind George. I still say a large part of the credit goes to you for all your great scheduling, and efficient, timely information about menu, links, etc. We couldn’t do our job if you didn’t do yours pal.

  6. mariodacaat says:

    I should also give credit to JavaCat for her outstanding pawparty menus month after month. We wouldn’t have anything to serve if it were not for her.

  7. JinJin & Pixel says:

    Thank you George for such kind words. So many amazing anipals do so much, @JavaTheCat with her amazing menus, all the DJ’s, quizmasters, @Frugaldougal, all the #nipclub staff and organizers, but your busy feathers touch all our efforts the most.
    Doggie Hugs,
    Jin & Pix

  8. Tildatoo says:

    you theDuckiest George! Ditto what Jin & Pix wrote, baarrroooo!

  9. JustAnotherTrnd says:

    DUSTY: George, it’s always a pleasure to #Barktend. You and Typist and Java make sure we have everything we need to have a great time serving up drinks and Noms!
    HURLEY: We love being part of such a great group of anipals and barktenders. It’s fun to be able to help everyone have fun and to remind pawtiers of the Tip Jar!

  10. PepiSmartDog says:

    Thanks for such kind words George! It’s always a privilege to help out with all the charities, when we Barktend. Pals always make my Showgirls welcome too. We have a lot of fun, serving drinks, dancing and raising donations, all at the same time! Hee! Hee!
    I too share a *BIG APPAWS* to you George, and Java too, for all the work you guys do, scheduling and menus, etc. Also @Flick47 for her CookieCafe too, (and her many hours of DJing.) LOL ! To everyone involved in #Pawpawty’s and #NipClub…thank you !! HUGS XXX :=o)

    • George says:

      Pepi, you’ve always gone above and beyond. You always make it a blast.
      And thanks. I enjoy doing it and I’m sure everyone else does too. We all make a great team together. *high wing*

  11. marleyterrier says:

    You is all my favrit peps at pawpawties! … bacon beer over here pleez

  12. HenrytheCat2002 says:

    Sir George you are so kind! I love you and all the wonderful pawty co-workers! It really is a privilege and honor to be a part of the paw pawty gang-XOXOXO
    We could not do this without YOU -George you’re the best!

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