A note from the Typist

I am sick. Literally. I am tired. Literally. And I am very, very hurt by the way various people have behaved over how apparently badly I botched everything with the lake stuff over this weekend and next, from all the whining I’ve gotten. All the things I love about tweeting with anipals have gotten stomped on repeatedly. I can’t take it. I feel so bad about it that I feel nasty in return. I had to make George leave early last night because I couldn’t stop crying over it. Today is so bad I can’t even be there to serve dinner.

George is a cheerful, sweet duck. Unfortunately the only typist he has is me, and I’m done in. He’ll be back around when I can take it again.

George: *waves wing* See yall when Typist is feeling better.

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20 Responses to A note from the Typist

  1. O Mom Robyn, we is furry sorry to hear someone is not playin nice. Maybe teh Hotties an me an Nina can whap some sense into whoefur’s bein mean. WE love you.
    ~ Victor, Nina, & Tabbymom Jen

  2. It’s sad when people have to come in and ruin our fun. We hope that you feel better after a break. We love Mom Robyn.

    Cody and Gracie

  3. @tildatoo says:

    We’re so sorry that meanies have taken the fun of this weekend out of it for you and the Typist. She’s done a terrific job w/all the arrangements! From where we sit, didn’t see any problems at all. It’s sad that it only takes 1 or 2 unhappy individuals to ruin a fun event. Give your Typist a hug for us. Take good care little buddy!
    Prudence & Theresa

  4. HollieCatRocks says:

    Georgie and Robyn…im sorry people or anipals were mean. We send kitty loves and purrs…BIG kitty Hugs xo purrrrrrs

  5. SeattleP says:

    Hi Georgie I’m sorry if I was one of the people that hurt you. If I was it was unintentional!

  6. mariodacaat says:

    Oh Dear George and Typist – I can’t believe this. Who in their right mind would have the nerve to complain about anything. You worked so very hard and did a beautiful job – everything was flawless. What on earth is their beef. if they don’t like it – too bad. Let them organize something big and see how much work goes into it. Please, please don’t let one or two bad apples spoil it for you. You are loved by the animals and valued for your sense of humor and great ability to throw a great pawty. Please please don’t let this get you down – it isn’t worth it. WE LOVE you and APPRECIATE you. HUGS Tell typist to get some rest – she’s been working way too hard and probably not sleeping well. More HUGS.

    Mario and Mary

  7. @CagneyTheCat says:

    Mom and I are so sad dat anipals / people were mean in their comments. We knows you worked very, very hard on this weekend, and we are looking forward to next weekend too. We wish we could have spent more time wif you this weekend. Please don’t be put off by a small element that would not be happy if you were handing out gold ingots to everyone. We love you and hope you come back to da Twitter soon.

  8. BlindMaximus says:

    I hope you get some much-deserved rest and that you feel better soon so you & George can come back and play.

  9. Lilyluwhot says:

    Dearest George and Robyn, I’m so sorry that anyone was mean to you – no one had the right to do that. You worked so hard to make this weekend fun – and it was really, really fun. And I know how hard you worked because I received the schedule and saw what went into planning the weekend. I hope you & George don’t stay away-we would miss you so very much. We love you two!
    Sending #ComfortingPurrrs & lots of love!

  10. Cathy Keisha says:

    George and Robyn, I wasn’t at the lake this weekend and I thought that picture of me cross the footbridge was adorable. I hope I didn’t offend you with the remark that I thought was funny. I love you both very very much. You work very hard making the anipal community a nice place to be and we appreciate it. TW has cried herself to sleep some nights over things that were said/implied to me also. We come back and I hope you will.

  11. PepiSmartDog says:

    George, come back !! *putting on boxing gloves* Looks like I gotta put the stink-eye on whoever is being a meanie ! I did 6 hours at #NCLWP & it was a riot of laughter ! I KNOW how much work goes into making piccies: HEAPS !! So whoever is complaining, doesn’t have a clue how much work George does behind the scenes. George you are loved by many, so don’t stay gone too long. Shake the mud out of your wings, and fly again little ducky !! (((HUGS))) XXX

  12. Pie says:

    George and your typist, I read this with dismay that someone has spoiled such an excellent event for you. I loved this weekend and in particular was SO impressed by the smooth running of it all. I hope you won’t be away for long because I would SO miss you. I SO agreee with the comments above and found your humour irresistable. Please come back as soon as you feel able. It does get intense out there but don’t let the bad eggs (sorry) spoil it for you. Please don’t be sad. We love you George. *BIG HUGs and {{{purrs}}} to you.

  13. George I have never known you to be anything other than a gentlemanly duck, very welcoming, very warm, I am sad to see this.

    I do have to say I used to participate on Twitter w/everyone and experienced quite a bit of coldness myself and that is why I have never come back.

    I keep in touch with the anipals that I want to, that have been nothing but kind to me like YOU, through their blogs (and they know who they are because I read/comment on their blogs and they mean the world to me). Some of the others? pfffft! Or should I say HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  14. marleyterrier says:

    Waaaaaa? You guys are the BEST!! This weekend was my first LWP and I had a great time even if it was only for a short time. Can’t believe you had time to talk to me during all of that. I am gonna put the bitey on some peeple if I found out who been saying these things. We love you guys!! Woof

  15. Dazeecat and Georgia says:

    George and Robyn: you are much loved by all! I wasn’t able to do more than check in this week but what I saw was so wonderful and creative from coffee to fishing line entanglement! I love knowing where to find my pals like lwp and NC. I never run PTA events cuz moms can whine no matter what work is done. Please rest and cheer up and PLEASE waddle back to tweet with your pals. And thanks for everything!Christine(dazed and Georgia)

  16. Pumpkin says:

    I didn’t make it back online after the gondola tour, but from what I was online for, I thought you did an amazing job. I think the people that don’t plan stuff, make pictures, or any of the other stuff that takes lots of time and patience don’t realize how much work it is to put something this special together. Well I do know how much work it is and I do appreciate it.

    Much love to you, Robyn, and the hotties.

  17. ShaynaCat says:

    Dear George & Typist – You did a pawesome job as always this weekend, & I’m so very sorry that a weekend that you did so much to make enjoyable for others was spoiled for you. Those of us who help with these occasions know how much you do and how much we rely on you to make our own work go more smoothly. Please come back! Pawhugs, purrs & lots of love, Shayna.

  18. JinJin & Pixel says:

    Dearest George & Robyn, We’re so sorry that a few mean, ungrateful people upset you. You work so hard always, and as you can see from all the comments here, you are very, very loved and totally appreciated! We were away most of the weekend so we missed what was said, but we do know how much work goes into everything you do. I’ve gotta quote @Dazeecat & Georgia here “Please rest and cheer up and PLEASE waddle back to tweet with your pals. And thanks for everything!” WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO! Love and Pawhug, Jinny, Pixel & Mama.

  19. George says:

    Thanks folks. Much appreciated. We’ll be back when we can. *ducky hugs*

  20. holly the cat says:

    George, my human and I are very worried about the typist. We hope she feels better and hope you and your kitties are taking very good care of her. She is a very special purrson.

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