Feline Friday with Pepi

Pepi the Cat, the token male of HotMBCCat Asthma

I have asthma. It’s not much fun for a kitty to have asthma. Mostly I am okay, but sometimes I have trouble.

Some symptoms of asthma trouble I get are a hacking cough (especially when I get excited), lethargic, labored breathing, not grooming and/or getting matted fur. If you have problems like these you should go to your v-e-t right away to get checked even if you don’t like it. Not breathing is worse than going to the v-e-t.

I take medicine for my asthma. I take prednisone as needed. Some cats have to take it all the time. Some cats have nebulizers or take other medicine, but I don’t so far. If I have a bad attack and it’s very hard to breathe I have to go to the v-e-t right away.

I take my medicine just the way the v-e-t prescribes and I get checked up regularly. That is what Mom says is best and  she is right. You should do that too.

If you get asthma get help from your v-e-t. Then you can run and play. I run and play more than any of the other cats at HotMBC even though I have asthma. Life is good.

Feline Friday is a feature on my blog. My kittehs will be sharing feline tips, cat humor, or really, whatever they want. They are cats, after all.

Pepi is the only male cat at the  House of the Mostly Black Cats aka HotMBC. He insists that he is not a token male. The lady cats are kind and do not argue.


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4 Responses to Feline Friday with Pepi

  1. mariodacat says:

    Oh dear, I didn’t realize you had dat awful Asthma. It’s good you take your medicine like the v.e.t. says to do.

    • George says:

      Hi Mario, most cats don’t know it. It’s because I do what the v-e-t says so I’m fine most of the time and I can run around like my butt’s on fire. *zoooooooooooom*


  2. Pandafur says:

    Hai pepi, we haz nawt met bafore I duzn’t thinks so its nice to meetchew. Iz sorry you haz dat stuff azmah an yew haz to tayks teh medicayshunz. I hopes you iz feeling well rite now *softpaw*.

    • George says:

      Hi Pandafur! I have heard of you and your husband Petiethecat. It’s good to meet you too. Thank you. I am feeling good right now but I have a couple of mats from my last asthma bout I still won’t let Mom cut off. She may force me to let the v-e-t shave them off. Yuk. But I feel great, thanks! Purrrrrrr.


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