#Pawpawty 9/24-25 Charity

This month’s PawPawty is being held to assist Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary which is located near Bristol in the UK. It helps animals from the very young to the very elderly- some are traumatised at losing their home and owners, others are just unwanted or abandoned and left to fend for themselves. It is a UK Registered Charity , which is the equivalent of a US 501(c)(3) charity.

Even $1 or 1 GBP helps. Seriously! They add up. Conversion info for US$ is below.

Just Giving is the UK equivalent of FirstGiving!

For US folks, here’s approximate $ conversions
Just Giving takes PayPal as well as Credit Cards!!!

1.00 USD = 0.646872 GBP
2.00 USD = 1.29374 GBP
5.00 USD = 3.23436 GBP
10.00 USD = 6.46872 GBP
20.00 USD = 12.9374 GBP
25.00 USD = 16.1718 GBP
50.00 USD = 32.3436 GBP

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