We Love Petie

Our buddy @Petiethecat isn’t feeling so good. He’s at the vetjail overnight having dialysis. So we’re sitting on #petiesporch and sending him and his family love and hugs and purrs. Come join us!

If I”m around at the moment, I’ll be glad ot make you an I <3 Petie t-shirt avatar. If not, you can grab one of these and add your face, or go to faceinhole.com and get one there (male) (female).

You can also light a candle of support online here: http://bit.ly/dfmaK9

We love Petie!

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2 Responses to We Love Petie

  1. Mariodacat says:

    You Rock George. What a great idea you had – we love our Petie T-shirt. Thank you again for doing these T-shirts. We are all so worried about our good friend Petie.

  2. Cathy Keisha says:

    I’ll scoot on over the #Petiesporch and light a candle. He shouldn’t feel so sicky.

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