After the Fire: Seabasscat, DottieGP, CJ and Humans Update

@Ryker_Tyker has an update today on how our friends Sebbie, Dottie, Amy and Lee, and their buddies Kathi and CJ the cat are doing. Rather than duplicate, I’ll direct you over there.

I do have a couple things to add. Yeah, I’m a chatty duck, I know. QOL

I’d like to give a huge APPAWS to Ryker’s Mom Lisa for being our person on the ground in town there, so to speak. She volunteers with and is friends with Amy and Kathi, but she’s really going the extra mile. *claps wings like mad*

If you can chip in $1 or $2 to Amy or Kathi, please do. There are chip ins on the sidebar.   They both lost all their possessions that weren’t on their backs when the fire started. Kathi’s cat CJ has gotten well over $1000 of emergency vet care already and is still at the emergency vet because of her injuries.  Folks have asked, so if you want to send something else, email me at georgeATgeorgetheduckDOTcom and we’ll sort that out, too.

Keep the prayers and purrs and woofs coming. They need them most of all!

Update 9:41 EST: Great news! CJ is home from the emergency vet!

Kathi’s Chip in isn’t updating yet due to technical having to verify bank acct — it’s going to her though and she’s getting PayPal confirmations. Chip In just isn’t keeping track yet. Technical stuff can be both a blessing and a nuisance.  If that weirds you out, I can arrange for you to paypal it to me to send on later, send a check, whatever works, if you want to contribute. Just give me a quack and we’ll find a way!

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5 Responses to After the Fire: Seabasscat, DottieGP, CJ and Humans Update

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    Thank you for all YOU’RE doing. I gave Ryker-Tyker several rounds of appaws at our Nipclub pawty Friday night cos he deserves it. You do too. I have to e-mail you to tell you what TW and I are doing for them.

  2. Mariodacat says:

    Appaws for you too George. You are the one who jumped on the bandwagon and got the chip in set up so fast while I was still processing the information. YOU ROCK pal. Love you and your family pal.

  3. we fanks you so furry much fur this oppertunatea to help furriends when they’f had such turrible fings happen!! we haf putted our purrs an’ purrayers AND mommer’s paypal to werk fur all bofe of them.

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