Help for our friend Seabasscat

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Our friend @Seabasscat (Mom Amy @BoSoxAmy) apartment building caught fire and burned down tonight (2/23). They are safe, but lost everything. Many anipals asked how they could help. I set up a Chip In for them. The money goes directly to them. Please send prayers and pawsitive energy and if you can throw a little change in to help, that’s great too.

A friend of Amy’s and also a volunteer at Wayside Waifs, Kathi, lost one of her kitties in the fire and the other is at the vet with severe burns. She had not yet purchased renter’s insurance, and lost all her possessions, so she’s hard pressed to handle the inevitable vet bills. Can you help just a little? If you can give her $1 or $2 every bit helps.  The chip in isn’t updating right, but the money is going directly to her paypal account.

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For local news regarding the fire KNBC News has information. See the main page for current info links.

Update 2/24:

Here is today’s news about the fire.

Anipal friends Cathy Keisha, Ryker TykerMariodacat, Pandafur, Pumpkinpuddy and no doubt others I haven’t see have blog posts as well.

Also, if you don’t use PayPal but want to help out with anything, cat toys, a donation by check, let me know here in comments or tweet me @georgetheduck and I’ll help find a way to work it out.

Update from @Ryker_Tyker  2/24 afternoon:

“Just got off the phone with Amy – she’s still in shock, hasn’t had time to grieve yet. They’ll probably stay in hotel 1more nite then come to our home. we have basement apartment. they worked w/apt to transfer lease to new unit. but staying w/us gives her some breathing room esp. since they have nothing to put IN apt yet – like bed, etc. Amy said she’s grateful beyond words for the chipIn. it was the first time she cried – when she saw that.”

Update 2/24 5:50pm EST: #Nipclub is having a pawty on twitter 7pm to 11pm EST to send pawsitive energy and prayers to Amy, Seb, Dottie and all those affected. Details here.

Typist spoke to AnneMarie at @Waysidewaifs today, and they are also collecting for Amy and for Kathi, who lost one of her cats and was also a Wayside Waifs volunteer.

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8 Responses to Help for our friend Seabasscat

  1. You are always there to help someone in need. Bless you.

  2. Awesome that you have the Chip-In set up! Mommy made a donation and if you could share a mailing address, Mommy would like to go pick up some toys or a PetSmart gift card to help out more. We are happy to donate but sometimes, giving something physical helps too.
    Sending snuggles and purrs that everyone finds time to heal and that the humans that lost their furbabies find comfort somehow.
    Taz, Runt and Charles in Illinois

    • George says:

      I’m not sure where the best address is yet, but I’ll find out in the next day or two. I’ll drop you a note when I know better. *ducky hugs*

  3. Fanks fur suppawtin Sebbie & fambly, Iz purrayin fur them.
    @Isagold xox

  4. Cathy Keisha says:

    Thank you George and Robyn for all you do for the Anipal Community. We love you.

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