Helping Friends Who Are Fire Survivors: Seabasscat, His Family, and Kathi & CJ Cat

Helping friends @Seabasscat @DottieGP Mom @BoSoxAmy and Dad Lee, Kathi and CJ Cat  after the Feb 23rd fire that destroyed their homes. This post will be updated as I get more info. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. Anipals ROCK!

3/18/12 Update: CJ has a blog now!
3/11/12 Update:  A Tonk’s Tail has updates daily on the whole gang.

Cards for Kathi and CJ

Kathi and CJ lost everything in the fire, including CJ’s fursib Cosmo.  There is no way to bring Cosmo back. They also had no renter’s insurance so they have no way to put their lives back together. CJ’s emergency vet stay to treat his severe burns is hard on them too.  We don’t know them from Twitter, but she volunteers with @Ryker_Tyker and @Seabasscat’s moms at @WaysideWaifs. They’re going on prayers and the generosity and love people have for them.

CJ Before and After the Fire

An inexpensive way you can support them is to send a card, a postcard, a note to share your support for thim in this. Just knowing people care and are sending positive energy and prayers is a huge, huge help in times of crisis.

You can send a card (or a bag of treats for CJ or any gift) to them at

Kathi McKinley & CJ
P.O. Box 11653
Shawnee Mission, KS 66207


Project Quilt is a quilt that @MaggieTKat and @LeoPussMan are organizing for @Seabasscat’s Mom Amy and Dad Lee. Of course Sebastian will surely enjoy too, as he’ll know it’s really his. This is a labor of love and will be a signature quilt for them. Squares will be signed by anipals all over the world to be sewn a this quilt by @MaggieTKat’s Mom and Dad. You do NOT have to be able to sew or quilt to participate! You just have to be able to sign your name with a pen  on the square you’re sent.

DM or tweet @LeoPussMan or drop him a note at leopussmanATgmailDOTcom for details and to sign up to sign a piece of quilt. We hope that every anipal will sign a square to make this an extra special quilt from everyone to @SeabassCat and @DottieGP’s family.

Please tweet and RT about Project Quilt so everyone knows about it.

Other Ways to Show Your Support – Free, Cheap or You Choose

    • FREE Prayers and Positive Energy!  For Amy, Lee, Sebastian, Dottie, Kathi and CJ.
    • FREE Send Reiki or other loving distance healing, particularly for CJ who is recovering from severe burns
    • CHEAP – Share what you got.
      • There’s a Help Kathi McKinley Recover page on Facebook that has a list of things that she needs to have the basics for a day to day life again. Got a spatula to share? You can send it on to the PO Box above.
      • Got cat toys and treats to spare? Sebastian and CJ both lost all of theirs. I have Sebastian’s mailing address and anything for CJ can go to the PO Box address above.
      • I am not aware of a particular list for Amy and Sebastian’s needs. If you have something you want to send them, I have their address, just email me. If you want to ask about something in particular DM me @GeorgetheDuck and I’ll find out for you as quickly as possible
    • YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU CAN SHARE – Drop $1 or $2 or $10  in either of their tip in jars at the top right of my blog. Whatever you can spare. No amount is too small. Seriously. Me and Typist have seen it with pawpawty and been helped ourselves and know that the $2 that may not seem to much to you will add up and help.
    • FREE Blog, Tweet and RT about their situation and ways to support them so others know and have a chance to help out too.
    • FREE Send them support and caring via a Twitter message
      • Kathi and CJ @katnyp2011
      • Amy @BoSoxAmy Sebastian @Seabasscat Dottie @DottieGP


  • @Ryker_Tyker blog: A Tonk’s Tail has updates daily on the whole gang from the beginning. Ryker’s Mom Lisa lives there in town, is friends with, and volunteers at Wayside Waifs with Amy and Kathi so she’s in the best position to give you info.
  • Follow on Twitter our friends and these anipals who have info on support, situations, etc: @Seabasscat @DottieGP @BoSoxAmy @Ryker_Tyker @Georgetheduck @MaggieTKat @LeoPussMan and @DanaPixie for #pawcircle.
  • Local News Video of Kathi at the scene of the fire
  • KCTV5 Story
  • Breaking News! 2/29/12 Kathi, CJ’s mom, has Twitter now! @katnyp2011 if you want to send her a virtual hug or word of support.
  • 3/1 Update: @Ryker_Tyker blog has an update with a note from CJ and on thankfulness. Also, Kathi also Facebook. If you send a friend request, you might add a note you’re an anipal/anipal’s human. Remember, though, she may be slow responding as she’s busy and doesn’t have a computer at all times.
  • 3/3 Update:   Kathi is on Facebook and does post there when she can. If you send a friend request, you might add a note you’re an anipal/anipal’s human. Remember that she is hugely busy trying to rebuild her life and doesn’t always have access to a computer. Ryker on @Ryker_Tyker’s blog that they’ll be taking a break from daily updating – they have to get back to normal life too. They will update when there’s very important news, though.
  • I am updating here as often as I can.

Thank you so much to all the anipals and their friends who have come together to help these guys. I am dead serious: you rock.

Got something to add? Send it to me! @Georgetheduck georgeATgeorgetheduckDOTcom

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13 Responses to Helping Friends Who Are Fire Survivors: Seabasscat, His Family, and Kathi & CJ Cat

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    Phase 1 of what I told you I’m doing has been accomplished. There’ll be a Phase 2 and 3 to come. I’ll send toys and treats for CJ but you know how long it takes TW to mail anything. Your Typist prolly thought we ducknapped you.

  2. Dash Kitten says:

    Rocking over to the chip ins George tomorrow George. Mum is sending a couple of pretty pendant things (you can never have too many pretty things) and I guess your Mum might too so that’s OK. Ryker_Tyker is just the best pal and without him and his Mum our knowledge would be SO MUCH POORER. Everyone has been, and will continue to be amazing.


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  4. mariodacat says:

    You did such a go9d job of pulling all this information together and making it convenient in one spot. Thanks for doing that. I’ll continue to advertise it so the word gets out.

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  6. Dash Kitten says:

    George mate, Mum wants to do Seabass cat a card too. Any chance of an addy or person who will take it in for them?

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