New Monthly Pawty

Many anipals missed #Pawpawty since it was suspended indefinitely. They said they missed a monthly pawty for charity. I missed it miserably. So when #Nipclub wanted to fill in that breach for everyone and asked if I’d organize a monthly pawty I said yes. Meet #Nipclub Monthly.

#Nipclub Monthly

I’m psyched! All the #Nipclub functions, including this one, work toward a goal of helping one 501c3 animal charity a month. #Nipclub Monthly will be a 24 hour pawty for it inspired by #Pawpawty. I’m organizing it as its own entity under the #Nipclub umbrella and if #Pawpawty comes back, this can be rolled back out without changing the original #Nipclub which continues on whatever else goes on. #Nipclub Monthly volunteers are coming from folks who have  worked with #Pawpawty and who work with Thursday #Nipclub and some new people. So it’s 24 hour pawty time again. Yay!

The first #Nipclub Monthly 24 hour pawty will be May 12th Noon EDT to May 13th Noon EDT with #Nipclub to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary and to welcome the new monthly pawty. From there #Nipclub Monthly will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month on its own. It will be fun! I hope you can join us to have fun and to benefit animal charities!

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  1. Marleyterrier says:

    Hi my tiny pal. I am appy to elp out wiv stuff at the pawties if i can. I used to do DJin for pawpawties but it was gibbin me nervuss breakdown cos of technologee issues so i fink a chnage to sumfing else might be good. Mebbe sekurity or sumfing. Will you let me kno who i should talk to? Fank you *terrier hugs*

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