Rabbit Adoptathon

Like most ducks and others I didn’t know a lot of about pet bunnies. Then I met my buddy BunnyJeanCook and her momRabbit Adoptathon 2012

I had NO idea, for instance, that people buy a lot of pet bunnies for Easter… and then turn them in to shelters. 🙁 That’s so sad. Bunnies are people too. Rabbits can be great pets, but people need to learn about them before they run off and get one for a  pet. It’s not that they’re more difficult per se than cats or dogs. They just have different needs.  Nobody should get a pet they’re not prepared to keep and care for.

If you would like to adopt a rabbit, learn something about having bunnies here. Then at Petfinder you can see the adoptable rabbits available from all over. On the left hand side there at Petfinder you can do a search just for adoptable bunnies from your area, too!

Find a bunny to love and care for and they will make you smile.

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5 Responses to Rabbit Adoptathon

  1. Vicki Cook says:

    Thanks for joining our Bunny Blog Hop, George – you’re a great pal!

  2. dawn says:

    Thank you for helping us spread the word about homeless bunnies!

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