On My Way to Blogpaws

I drove out with Miz @DanaPixie and Mr. Pixie this past week with buddies Flat @DashKitten, #Angel@Petiethecat and Flat TSK — and not flat TSK! — to go to Blogpaws.

Flat Dash, George, #AngelPetie, Flat TSK

Photo by: @DanaPixie

I’m so happy to be traveling with friends and I can’t wait to see my other friends at Blogpaws. Typist is bummed she can’t come with me this time, but I promised her I’d bring lots of kitty kisses and hugs back for her.

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3 Responses to On My Way to Blogpaws

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    Don’t forget to hang with plush CK. TW can’t go either so I can pawty without her getting in the way. See you there!

  2. Rumbles says:

    AWWWW!!! You guys are going to have so much fun!

  3. marley terrier says:

    Wishin you a great trip George….

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