#CatmasEve is Coming!

“So no friend has to sit alone on Christmas Eve.”

#CatmasEve by @Georgetheduck and The Hotties with #Nipclub

If you would like to give a hand DJing, barktending, giving out door prizes, or donating door prizes, let @Georgetheduck or @Sanjeethecat know via @ or DM. Thanks!

Join me and The Hotties (Sanjee and the rest of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats) with #Nipclub on Christmas Eve from 3pm US EST until 3am US EST Catmas Morning. Timezones for around the world are here. On Twitter, hashtag #CatmasEve

Dog, pig, horse, ferret, human and other anipals are welcome as well as cats! Because many do celebrate Christmas there will be Catmas themed fun, but truly, all are welcome whether you celebrate Hannukah, Winter Solstice, something else, or nothing at all. We’d love to learn more about your holidays too!

We started this pawty 7 years ago on Chatzy so friends wouldn’t have to sit at home alone on Catmas Eve. Some do not celebrate Christmas. Some are far away from family. All anipals and furrends are welcome. Yes, dogs, ferrets, humans and other anipals too!

Stop by between celebrations or join us for the whole evening. We’ll have a nommy menu, DJs, barktenders and doorprizes, and we’ll have lots of fun. For those who can, we have a tip jar on the sidebar to help out Black Cat Rescue, our and #Nipclub‘s featured charity, because we love black cats.

If you think you maybe can come, please RSVP here (plus you’ll be entered to win a prize).

If you would like to give a hand DJing, barktending, giving out door prizes for an hour or more, or donating door prizes, let @Georgetheduck or @Sanjeethecat know via @ or DM. Thanks!

Keep your eyes on this blog for more #CatmasEve info and fun.

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19 Responses to #CatmasEve is Coming!

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  2. prancer pie says:

    Sounds like a great time!

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  4. Gracie says:

    Fantastic idea and sounds like lots of fun. Count me in.
    I have posted your graphic on my sidebar so my friends will know about this too.
    See you soon!!!!!

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  9. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    I love Christmas, but since I’m an only child, we don’t do anything now that I’m older. Had a lot of fun last year! Can’t wait!

  10. Yes, we will stop by as usual, and probably earlier than before, since mum won’t be a work.

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  12. Gizmo is doing his first DJ shift from 10-11 pm…He’s very excite about it but a little nervous so be kind everyone!

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  14. Samantha, Clementine & Maverick says:

    Merry Christmas to all the Hotties, MomRobyn & Grandma Cat!!
    Sorry Mom is way behind she has been sick and is so far behind!! We will catch up in the next few days!
    Lots of hugs and love!
    From your TX furiends,

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