Chip In Alternatives – What’s An Anipal To Do?

As most know, Chip In has been sold and will cease business March 7, 2013. This means that no new Chip Ins can be created, and as of March 7th, all Chip Ins will stop functioning.

There are several alternatives out there. I know a very little bit about a couple, and a tiny bit more of a couple of others. This can get you started looking for the right fund raising service for you, though.

Go Fund Me is a popular service. It does have a 5% fee, though, on top of any charged by WePay or PayPal or FirstGiving. That’s all I know about them other than that they are highly spoken off and connect to FaceBook if you wish.

Go Get Funding has a personal fund raising section. Their fee is 4%. Learn more at their FAQ.

I’m Raising is a new service that looks interesting. It opens officially March 6, 2013. It has live widgets with no flash. It’s supposedly super-customizable which is great, although it may be a case of too many choices. It works with PayPal. I don’t know yet if you’re able to raise money for other people’s PayPal accounts, though. There is no charge to use it to raise funds for a registered 501c3. There may be a charge to raise funds for anyone else. It has a public beta starting February 27th. I’m going to give that a whirl. I’ll let you know how that works out. @ImRaising

PayPal – Anyone with a PayPal account can send a personal gift to anyone with an email address. Just be sure you choose Personal when you send money, and mark that it’s a gift so PayPal doesn’t deduct fees.

PayPal Widget – A new service from PayPal, and it’s free. A limitation is you can only use it for yourself or a PayPal account you have can log in to. (Guys, do NOT give your PayPal account information to anyone even to raise funds for you.) requires a verified PayPal account and only the account holder can use it. You can not use it to collect money for anyone other than your own verified PayPal account. This is kind of limiting when raising funds for friends, though you can collect the funds then transfer them to your friend. It also does not have a widget to create and use, though it does have a page you can create and use. It’s also free to use its services. (PayPal charges its own fees as usual.) @You_Caring

Those are the ones I know a little bit about at the moment. I don’t recommend any of them, as they hall have positives and not so positives and may work well for you or not. Check each one out carefully before using it.

Know of more? I’d love to hear about them! Please let me know in the comments or email georgeATgeorgetheduckDOTcom. Thanks!

While ChipIn is still around, if you can and would like to share couch change to help with Sanjee’s expenses, there’s a widget in the sidebar or you can click here for phone or web gifts.


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7 Responses to Chip In Alternatives – What’s An Anipal To Do?

  1. mariodacat says:

    Hi buddy – this is a wonderful list and I’m going to keep the URL handy in case I hear conversation. I did happen to be on Twitter one night as these links came out. I know nothing about them either, but jotted down the link in case this came up in conversation. I had two of the same ones you mentioned, and the last one might be tied in with paypal, but I’m not sure.

    Thanks to typist for all of her research.

  2. Brian says:

    Yikes! I missed that news, thanks for the list!

  3. Cathy Keisha says:

    That kinda sucks, doesn’t it. Being naive, I never knew Paypal skimmed off the top. Oh well.

  4. We hadn’t heard about this, so Fangs for sharin’ and givin’ us some other ideas!

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