Happy Squillion Day!

Squilllions DayHappy Squillions Day! Go bisit tha CB vSquillion shelter n learn bout dem cool Squillions! We is a lil late tonite but we gets there. Yay!


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George is MAH duk! Don't lissen to him about me bein his cat. MOL I has a twitter @sanjeethecat :) I is an angel now and I tweets from tha puffy clouds.
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10 Responses to Happy Squillion Day!

  1. We received our Rainbow VSquillion for Angel Sweet Praline and posted about it today.

  2. mariodacat says:

    Geeesh, that M forgot all about it. I need to get her another calendar to keep track of all her calendars! ha ha Happy Squillion Day.

  3. Cheysuli says:

    Happy Squillions Day!

  4. maybe it’s cuz iz a dawg but i don’t know wot a vSquillion is 🙁 but they sure are cute 🙂

  5. Happy Squillion Day!

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