Fly Free Little Mini

Little Miss Mini the Cat

A Favorite Picture of Miss Mini.


Our little Mini flew off with her birdies to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She had a good few days this week, but her little, brave heart finally just wore out. She was our little champion to make it 13 months with CHF. We’re glad she left on her own terms, before she was unable to enjoy her precious food and her life We know she’s an angel with Sanjee and her sweet Dr. Tweety now, getting her own puffy cloud and star in the sky. We sure miss her here, though.

Thank you all so much for purrs and prayers and healing energy and support for Miss Mini over the past 13 months, from me and my mother. My mother especially said to thank you all. I know it gave her the chance to be a champion and live a good life to the end. Thank you.

Fly free sweet Mini. We love you.


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  1. flicka47 says:

    Hugs for all of you. Mini had a wonderful life with you, so remember all the good times even in the sadness of now. She will greet you again some day in the far future because don’t forget All Cats Go to Heaven!

  2. Oh our hearts are breaking for you. Sweet Mini did well to go so long with CHF. She was a very special girl and we will all miss her.

    At the Grave of a Fine Cat – Barbara Younger
    May your whiskers be ruffled by only pleasant breezes,
    May your bowls be filled with tuna and sweet cream,
    May your dreams be blessed with legions of mice,
    And most of all,
    May you forever purr in peace.

    Until we meet again Mini!

  3. mariodacat says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear this. Beautiful Mini put up a good flight – rest now sweet angel. Thought, prayers and big HUGS for her humans. You will meet again some day.

  4. William says:

    Oh, we are so so sorry about Mini. We know she is having fun on the other side but we also know how very hard it is for the humans left behind. Purrs to you all in this sad time.

  5. Purrr Goodbye Miss Mini! *headbonks* to George and da typist.

  6. Angel Abby says:

    The breath has just left my body. I am so so so sorry Robin to hear that Mini left for the Bridge. I understand. There are no words that can help ease the sorrow in your heart but know we are all here with you and for you. Miss Mini was such a brave little fighter and like you, we are glad she left on her own terms. Thank you for sharing her with us all of these years. She is with Sanjee now who is watching over her and showing her how to use those beautiful angel wings she just earned. Sending you deep purrs of sympathy and our heartfelt prayers.

    Thinking of you with deep sadness

  7. we are so very sorry….. fly free Mini!!

  8. Mog says:

    It was not unexpected, surprised she stayed with us that long. It is comforting to know she is reunited with family and friends over the rainbow bridge, happily free from life’s infirmities. Mini was special and her loss will be felt not just at home but through the blogosphere. Sending lots of purrs and prayers for you.

  9. Brian says:

    Dear friends, we are so sorry to hear about dear Mini and we send you our best purrs, love and hugs. Run free sweetie, you touched the hearts of many.

  10. We’re sorry to hear about your loss. We send you comforting purrs and gentle headbutts.

  11. CatSynth says:

    We are so sorry to hear about Mini. 🙁
    She (along with Sanjee and the rest of the gang) were among the first blogging cats we met. Sending you all our condolences and purrs.

  12. AdmiralHestorb says:

    Precious Mini, I was waiting for you and my sisfur KatieBella was purring hard before you flew away. I whispered to Katie that Mini and I would go around and look at the sights, visit the Spa and see all our furriend.

    My mommy sends her love. xoxoxo

  13. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    sendin R sincereest sympatheez with hugs N loves…God’s speed two ewe Mini and HIS strength two yur familee…she iz a beautifull girl


  14. We’re glad Mini got to leave on her own. We know she left you many wonderful memories. Hugs.

  15. We are very sad for your and Mom Robyn. We are thankful that Mini was a part of our lives. She was a very strong lady cat ans made the trip to the bridge on her own terms. That does not make it any easier for those left behind. Purrs, hugs and gentle head bumps.

  16. Flynn says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Mini has left for the Bridge. I send my comforting purrs, and mum sends love and hugs.

  17. the meezers says:

    Our hearts are breaking for you MomRobyn and GrandmaCat. We know Sanjee was right there to guide her to the bridge. Sweet Mini we will miss you lots but we know we will see you at the Bridge.

  18. Farewell Mini. We love you and will miss you. Have fun at The Bridge.

  19. Cathy Keisha says:

    I’m hear to pay my respects to Mini. *bows head* She’s getting reacquainted with Angel Sanjee. I’m sure her star is shining tonight. Comforting purrz and hugz to those left behind. xoxox

  20. Thank you all so much. *ducky hugs* and purrs from the Hotties Boni Maroni, Gree and Pepi.

  21. Max says:

    I am so, so sad that Mini had to leave. I mean, I know she’s in a fantastic place and having a wicked good time and she’s with Sanjee and all her friends who went before, but still…I just had it in my head that she was going to defy odds for a very long time. I am glad she was enjoying foods and stuff…that’s what I live for.

  22. MizzBassie says:

    I’m so, so sorry to hear that Mini has gone over the Bridge. She outlasted everyone’s expectations not only because of her spirit but also because of the great care her humans gave her. Run free, dear Mini and comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to your humans.

  23. Be free sweet Mini. You are so loved and we will miss you. Purrs and hugs to all who mourn.

  24. Holly the cat says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Mini. You were a wonderful kitteh. We hope your hoomin is doing well, and have her in our prayers.

  25. Oh no!! Miss Mini we shall miss you lots!! You were very nice to us when we started blogging and you helped us so much!! Lots of hugs & kisses to you all!!
    Your TX furiends,

  26. The Crew says:

    Oh, no. We’re so sorry to hear this sad news about Mini. We know she was well-loved and will be missed terribly.

    Hugs to you all,
    The Crew & Crew’s Mom

  27. Our heart still aches at the loss of our beloved Mr. Jazz in August. May he and Mini meet one another and share a catnip toast together. Comforting purrs of sympathy to you and yours from the Zee and Zoey Gang.

  28. Thank you all of you. From all of us.

  29. Clooney says:

    Oh we are so sorry to hear this. Sending you our gentlest purrs for the loss of your precious Mini. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Be Well Sweet Mini

  30. Chesney Cats says:

    We are so furry sorry to hear of the loss of precious Mini. You are in our hearts & purrayers.

  31. We are so very very sorry that Mini couldn’t stay with you longer. We know she was much loved and that you treasured every second you had with her.

  32. We just heard the sad news about Mini, and we want to say how sorry we are that she had to go. We send comforting vibes and purrayers for your loss.

  33. Zoolatry says:

    Robyn ~ my heart cries along with you, may your sweet Mini now run fast and free beyond the rainbow and forever be happy.

  34. Mark's Mews says:

    We are so very sorry to hear that Mini had to leave for the Bridge. Our purrs are with you all.

  35. I am so sorry that Mini went to the Bridge. She was a lovely kitty and she obviously brought much happiness and receive much love in return. This will stay forever.
    Sending you purrs and hugs.

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