Happy Gotcha Day Georgey!

I so glad I gotted yoo Georgey! Yay! I come brings yoo werms n swampweeds and swamptinis.

Sanjee surfing with George

Dis wuz our first pawty togethur!

And yoo has been a grate duk furiend for alla us Hotties.

George shows Mini How to Skateboard

Yoo even showeded Mini How to Skateboard

And yoo helped anipals raise oodles of green papers for animal reskues.

George the Duck Valentine

We luvs yoo Georgey.  Happy Gotcha Day!

Angel Sanjee, Angel Mini, Boni Maroni, Gree, Pepi, Typst and Grandma Duck

About Sanjee

George is MAH duk! Don't lissen to him about me bein his cat. MOL I has a twitter @sanjeethecat :) I is an angel now and I tweets from tha puffy clouds.
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  1. Nice to meet you, George ! Happy Gotcha Day ! Purrs

  2. Happy Gotcha George!

  3. Flynn says:

    Happy Gotcha Day George!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day George!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, George!

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