Sad Duck and Kittehs

Two of our long time pals went to the Rainbow Bridge just recently.

Our buddy @tildatoo Prudence, Pru to us, went OTRB today.tildatooWhen we think of Pru and her Mom we always think of kindness and helpfulness. They were always ready to pitch in and fill the empty barktender slot when I was head barktender, and I expect after, from pawpawty and beyond. They were always happy to give a friend a ride. They were just golden, and in our minds, always will be.

Our buddy @PerrytheBirman (Birman Bond on FB) went OTRB just recently too. With his tequila he could stir up all sorts of fun trouble at pawpawty and other fun get togethers, and wash it all away by batting his baby blues.Perry the Birman

He gave Sanjee his trashcan and fish show-fer so she could cruise around making trouble too. You were so much fun Perry, we could hardly stand it. QOL

We’re sad when any of our pals goes OTRB. It’s always hard. It’s a little bit harder, though, when we’ve known them for many years like  Pru and Perry.

Love and ducky hugs and purrs to Pru and Perry’s moms. We send love and ducky hugs and purrs to all who have pals gone OTRB. Thank you for being our friends.

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7 Responses to Sad Duck and Kittehs

  1. Mariodacar says:

    We are sad here too. Pru’s was a total surprise because we hadn’t heard that she was even not feeling well until the night before. Such a sweet doggie.. Perry had so,e health scares during the past year so it didn’t come as a total shock like Pru did. Both are sadly missed by us. Each one made our Twitter group a better place. They will be greatly missed. We are trying hard to remember the good times we had with each one. Our heart goes out to each of their humans. Big hugs for both from M and ms.

  2. Pam says:

    So sorry about Pru. Will miss hearing about her adventures and seeing her great photos. My heart goes out to her owners.

  3. Thank you so very much for the sweet post! We’re still in disbelief here, but very happy that Prudence is so well loved.

  4. We’re sorry to hear about your furiends. Purrs…

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