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The House of the Mostly Black Cats (HotMBC, The Hotties) is a family of mostly black rescue cats, a catnip stuffed duck, and a typist in Furginia.  We’ve been involved in blogging since 2005, fund raising for animal charities online since 2009, throwing virtual parties, tweeting and other means helping to support friends, pet parents, and animal charities. We have a great time doing it.

In 2013 the cats decided they prefer napping, and they put the duck in charge as Chief Duck Officer for the HotMBC. He’s a Hottie too. The cats and the Typist reserve the right to post between naps and the Typist’s french fry fixes, but mostly the duck runs the show.

Meet the Hotties

The Duck, The Cats: Angel Sanjee, Mini, Boni Maroni, Gree, Pepi, Chloe, Boots, Tango; The Humans: The Typist, Grandma

Chief Duck Officer

georgetheduck@GeorgeTheDuck, Chief Duck Officer for HotMBC
Representing for HotMBC on Facebook, Pinterest, Grooveshark, Blogpaws Community Page

I am George. I am a stuffed catnip duck. My angel cat Sanjee adopted me June 23, 2009. I may be small in stature (3″ tall) but I am cute and fun enough to make up for it. I work hard for my KATS, and to help animals and advocate for them and their pet parents.  I represent HotMBC in many online venues as Chief Duck Officer. What does a duck do? Chief Duck Officer, House of the Mostly Black Cats; Publisher, The Anipal Times; Anipal Birthday Calendar Maintainer; Anipal party DJ, Barktender and Prizemaster for multiple twitter party groups. I like to have adventures. I try to be a good duck.

The Hotties Cats

Angel Kween of HotMBC

Sanjee, Angel Kween of HotMBC

I is offishul Kween of HotMBC furever but I becamed an angel 4/1/13 after I had dat skwamus cell mouf cancer. I picked out Tha Typist (Mommy) when I wuz a four weeks old kitten rescued from tha bak of a mechanic shop. I been in charge efur since. I still owns dat Georgey and Grandma n them cuz I has their hearts in mah angel paws. I tweets as  @sanjeethecat from the clouds OTRB sumtimes and is always da fambily guardian angel n guidings star. Accomplishments: Founder of the Cat Blogosphere, Founder vSquillions, and Founder Catmas Eve pawties for Cat Bloggers and Anipals.

Mini the Cat is an angel nowAngel Mini, Professional Moocher

I’m Mini and I like to eat. I was starving on the streets when I found HotMBC and got this great furever home. I do not like bananas, though. I was diagnosed with IBD in 2006 and congestive heart failure in September, 2012 so I had to take pills five times a day, but I got to eat a LOT more stinky goodness and chicky soup now, so I guess it’s okay. I went over the rainbow bridge October 4, 2013 and I’m an angel now. I might tweet sometimes on the @HotMBC twitter when my pesky brofur Pepi isn’t hogging it.

Boni Maroni loves Edsel the PoochAngel Boni Maroni

I was not as skinny as a stick of macaroni, although I was quite thin when I convinced Sanjee and The Typist to let me move in. I keep my own counsel. I like Birdie and Squirrel TV. I tweet sometimes on the @HotMBC twitter, but not very often. I had 19 happy years.


George and Gree

 Gree, the Light Black Sisfur

The neighbors that used to “own” me and my brofur Pepi moved away without us. HotMBC took us in, because they loved us visiting anyway.  Now I am a spoiled inside kitteh who keeps The Typist wrapped around my little snowy paw. I have a bad back that acts up when Pepi and I play too rough, and IBD, but it’s mostly okay now.  I’m @GreeTheCat on Twitter.

Pepi Birdie TV

 Pepi, King of HotMBC, Token Male, THoE Expert

I’m Pepi, aka PepiYoureInTheWay, the King of HotMBC since there are no other boycats. I am the only 100% black cat here and the only floofy cat. I have bedroom eyes. I am very special. My Grandma says so all the time right after she says to get down. I have asthma and get pills sometimes for it. They say “Take with food.” I like that it gets food with them. I tweet sometimes at @HotMBC too.

Chloe, Original Founder HotMBCChloe, Founder House of the Mostly Black Cats

Chloe was the original Founder of the House of the Mostly Black Cats, back in the dark ages when nobody had computers at home. She singlepawedly kept The Typist and Grandma in line for 18 years.



I was too charming by half. In spite of my orange coloring, I charmed the Typist at the SPCA. I was wrapped around a table leg. Charming, right? From then on, I ruled the roost. (At least, that’s what Boni Maroni let him think.)


I ran and sat with my paws on Typist’s lap when she and Grandma came to the SPCA. How could they not take me home? I’m a brown tabby, but that didn’t matter. I’m an only cat now that my brofur Boots is an angel. I wonder if sometime I’ll get another brofur to play with. For the time being, I’ll just sit on Grandma’s lap.



The Humans

The Typist, Mom Robyn of the House of the Mostly Black CatsThe Typist @RobynHarton

aka Mom Robyn, Mommy, or Robyn Harton

I type, take photographs, make graphics, and do web work for the cats and the duck. I also fill bowls, scoop poop, kidnap them to go to the v-e-t, pill, massage, Reiki and other duties as required for my furkids. I try my best to type for them to speak in their own voices. I get reprimanded if I blow it. Along with the rest of the Hotties, I advocate for AWESOME black cats, help and support animal charities and friends including doing cat rescue transport when able.

On the side — since being cat mom and typist is obviously the most important job — I have am a self-representing jewelry artist and crystal fanatic at my site CrystalsAndJewelry.com. I sell my handmade jewelry and write extensive information on crystal meanings there. Stop by sometime!

Mini and Pepi want Grandma's ice creamGrandma Duck, Grandma Cat

Resident Grandma of the House of the Mostly Black Cats who also feeds, scoops, pills, takes to the vet, and  general grandmothering duties.


The Hotties previous homes on the web include: Sanjee The Cat’s Blog, Boni Maroni is Not As Skinny As A Macaroni, HotMBC on Blogger

2 Responses to About HotMBC

  1. Hairless Cat says:

    Hi George,

    You’re the coolest party duck I’ve ever seen. You look real hip in those party shades and that awesome shirt. You run a great blog and thanx for helping with the shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries. You’re a real ethical duck!

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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