Don’t be a dweeb

If you’re going to contact us, be nice. If  you’re not, you’ll find yourself talking to a wall.

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I has a sad. I has a glad.

I is furry sad dat mah furever boyfriendcat Miles hadta go to tha Bridge yesterday. But I has a glad he is in no pains and is feelings great now and he’s wif me and Billy and ofur fambly.

I luv yoo furever and ever, Miles.

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It Don’t Cost No Money

But I does want to ask yore help.

Mah furever boyfriendcat Miles Meezer has tha cancer. It a lymfoama. He not got lots of time on that earth wif his fambly a’fore he cross tha bridge. It furry sad and it make me sad fur him and thems too. And Sammy got tha cancer too.

Will yoo pleez send lotsa purrayers and mojos and pawsitive energies dat he has quality times left wif his fambly and dat he not hurty from tha cancer. And da same fur Sammy too.

Fanks yoo lots and lots. I loves mah Miles and  his brofur Sammy.

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Isn’t she just the purrtiest St. Patrick’s Day Angel?

Sanjee for St. Patrick's Day Miss Sanjee is all ready for St. Patrick’s Day. So is her show-fur. She will be barktending today at #Nipclub standing in for @ TiggyBean from  4:00 pm EDT to 5:00 pm EDT. She has learned how to do butt pops in Tiggy’s honor.

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Boots had something to meow

On his blog.

He maybe might definitely have to do without treats tonight.

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