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How to add a face to a costume in PSE

Several of my friends have asked how to add their face to a picture in Photoshop Elements (PSE). My saying, “Do this that the other” wasn’t helping a lot since they had NO idea what I this and that and … Continue reading

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More Halloween Costumes

@BunnyJeanCook my cat Sanjee me, Count Duckula @Pradadoggie @purplebear

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Halloween Costumes

Here are some Halloween Costumes for friends! @Sydpie @RudyCKat @marleyterrier @lolaterrier @GrimyDuck To get the biggest version, click the pic. 🙂

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Lookie lookie!

Lookie what I got! My calendar! I feel so special! *dances a little ducky jig* I am so happy that it turned out good 🙂 UPDATE: Since Zackrabbit asked, here’s September! See Zack on the calendar page there???

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Getting Ready for Halloween

I am getting ready for Halloween. I am very excited about it. I made myself a Count Duckula costume!  But I have other fun outfits on the way for me to try on. Boris is sending me some clothes to … Continue reading

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